Futurescape report mapping out the emerging social TV landscape

The embedded slideshare below is an executive summary of a Futurescape report mapping out the emerging social TV landscape.  According to their website, Futurescape publishes strategy reports on web video and connected TV trends and innovation. I’d love to read the whole report, as it looks like it’s got buckets of insight, but I don’t have a spare £3,250 right at this moment in my livingroom on a Saturday night…

Anyway, the points from the exec summary that stood out to me:

  • Facebook and Twitter will hugely benefit from social TV in terms of useage and awareness from being on the TV screen
  • Social networks are / will be targeting the TV data market to supply data to the TV industry
  • BT Vision have been doing some really interesting research since April 2010, more on this below
  • Facebook, Gmail and YouTube are already being offered via cable TV to Indian cable customers. (Makes me want to look into what the initial audience feedback is and emerging behaviours are)
  • This report has a couple of screenshots of how a connected TV screen might look in different instances – I found this really interesting as I have been trying to picture how it will work / look

BT Vision’s research

BT research leader Andy Gower has been conducting social TV research with MIT scientist Dr Marie-Jose Montpetit in a research piece looking at:

  • How to connect social networks with the traditional TV viewing experiences
  • The revenue generating potential of content recommendation
  • Differing social experiences with different content genres (something we’re thinking a lot about at NixonMcInnes, may do a blog post on this soon)
  • Integrating social networks with telco customer data, such as family and friend calling plans
  • A role for social audio communication around TV viewing (how exciting is that?  I think that would work well for formats developed for people paying partial attention like X Factor)
  • Capitalising on multi-screen viewing behaviour

Converged formats and the social TV future feels like such an exciting opportunity for TV and social / digital companies to work closely creatively, and I think it will force TV execs to understand digital and social and digital and social execs to understand TV production and formats much more. This can only be a good thing.

Channel 4 are currently recruiting for a head of converged formats who will be looking at all this stuff.


One thought on “Futurescape report mapping out the emerging social TV landscape

  1. You have mentioned very interesting details ! ps nice website.

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