A few TV check-in & social apps links

A few apps and links that have been making my brain fizz around TV check-ins lately…

Yap.TV – an iPhone app for augmenting your experience while watching TV programmes.

Not so much a check-in app but a ‘companion to the TV watching experience’.  Think it’s largely US based and populated but it is available to download (free) in the UK and I’ve just downloaded it and found a couple of UK programmes.  You search for a programme, it gives you 5 screens to flip through – programme details, tweets mentioning that programme, Polls, friends watching that programme and ‘Living Room’ – a space where you can invite your friends to a private conversation around that programme.  It also allows you to update your Facebook or Twitter directly from it with a comment about the programme.

How about a 6th screen that shows a data visualisation of the conversation around the programme?..

Into_Now – an iPhone check in and social app for TV programmes that uses sound recognition to check you in.

Looks really interesting – not available to download in the UK unfortunately.  Uses sound recognition and a patented indexing technology called Soundprint.  Basically it has a library of millions of previously aired and current shows.  I guess it works much like Shazam, but for telly.

Miso – taking TV check-ins beyond just checking in

Miso has been experimenting with giving added value to people who check-in to programmes by offering extra content and media and deals to fans by partnering with brands and broadcasters.

I’m very interested in this – will be interesting to see how this area progresses.


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